Hear the Glad Tidings

hear-the.htm Hear the Glad Tidings (Poland - Dziasiaj W Betlejem)
Sing hallelujah, glad tidings
Sounding in a lowly manger.
In Bethlehem is born of a virigin,
Jesus Christ the Savior.

Angels are singing,
Kings, gifts are bringing,
Shepherds are knowing,
Cattle are lowing,
For the son of Mary,
Blessed son of Mary,
On this night the Savior is born!

Dziasiaj w Bethlehem, Dziasiaj w Bethlehem Weisola nowina,
Ze Panna czysta ze Panna czysta porodzila syna.

repeat chorus

Joseph is watching, shepherds are kneeling,
now the babe is sleeping,
Mary is smiling, Mary is singing
as she rocks the baby.

repeat chorus

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