No Room In The Inn

When Ceaser Augustus had raised a taxation
He assessed all the people who dwelt in the Nation
The Jews at the time being under Rome’s sway
Appeared in the city their tribute to pay

Then Joseph and Mary, who from David did spring
Went up the city of David, their King
And there, being entered, cold welcome they find
From the rich to the poor, they are mostly unkind

Good Joseph was troubled, but most for his dear
For her blessed burden whose time now drew near
His heart with true sorrow was sorely afflicted
That his virgin spouse was so rudely neglected

He could get no houseroom who houses did frame
But Joseph and Mary must go as they came
For little is the favor the poor man can find
From the rich to the poor, they are mostly unkind

While the great and the wealthy do frolic in hall
Possess all the groundrooms and chambers and all
Poor Joseph and Mary are thrust from the table
In Bethlehem City, ground inhospitable

And with their mean lodging, contented they be
For the minds of the just with their fortunes agree
They bear all affronts with their meekness of mind
And be not offended though the rich be unkind

O Bethlehem, Bethlehem, welcome this stranger
That was born in a stable and laid in a manger
For he is a physician to heal all our hearts
Come welcome, sweet Jesus, and lodge in our hearts

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