The Other Wise Man

The star shines bright above
He sees the newborn light
and the man of wisdom from the east
makes his way into the night

He carries in his hand
three gifts of priceless worth
to give with love to the baby boy
born of Savior of this Earth

And the wiseman presses forward
with the star above to guide
He will follow
where it leads him
If it leads him all his life

He sees a man in need
left hurt and bleeding there
and the man of wisdom binds his wounds
and attends him to his care

He takes from near his heart
A jewel shining bright
and offers it with heavy heart
then goes on into the night

And the man of wisdom wonders
If the King will understand
that the gift he meant to offer Him
He has been delivered into mortal hands

His journey pulls him on
through years of toil and strife
to Jerusalem he comes at last
in the Twilight of his life

He sees the crowded throne
and the man from Galilee
as he stumbles up the stoney path
to the hill called Calvary

And he sees the Savior struggle by
and he wants to call His name
but the gifts he meant to give are gone
so he bows his head in shame

And he hears a voice that whispers
to his heart so quietly
What you've offered to the least of these
you've given unto me

And the wiseman presses forward
toward the light that's been his guide
and receives at last with open arms
the peace he sought to find

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