Star Carol

Star Carol

Long years ago on a deep winters night
High in the haev'ns a star shone bright
Deep in a manger a wee baby lay
Safely asleep on a bed of hay

Jesus, our Lord, was that baby so small
Laid down to sleep in humble stall
Then came the star and it stood overhead
Shedding it's light 'round his little head

Dear baby Jesus how tiny thou art
I'll make a place for thee in my heart
And when the stars in the heaven's I see
Ever and always I'll think of thee

stareast.htm Star of the East
Star of the East, oh Bethlehem star,
Guiding us on to heaven afar
Sorrow and grief and lull'd by the light
Thou hope of each mortal, in death's lonely night

Fearless and tranquil, we look up to Thee
Knowing thou be m'st through eternity
Help us to follow where Thou still dost guide
Pilgrims of earth so wise


Star of the East, thou hope of the soul
While round us here the dark billows roll
Lead us from sin to glory afar
Thou star of the East, thou sweet Bethlehem's star

Star of the East, oh Bethlehem's star,
What tho' the storms of riat gather loud
Faithful and pure thy rays beam to save
And bright o'er the grave

Smile of a Saviour are mirror'd in Thee
Glimpses of Heav'n in thy light we see
Guide us still onward to that blessed shore
After earth toil is o'er

Star of the East, thou hope of the soul
Oh star that leads to God above
Whose rays are peace and joy and love
Watch o'er us still till life hath ceased
Beam on, bright star, sweet Bethlehem star

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