Davie Greig

I was born on 5th september 1948 in my grandparents home at 88 nicholson st. edinburgh, making me a true southsider, as i was born there.
My parents, David & Louise ( nee Robertson ) were i think quite pleased as, despite my largish, ears i was hale & healthy in all other ways. As my sister, Isobel, was my senior by nearly 5 years, it made our wee family seem complete.
We lived in a prefab at 12 Muirhouse Crescent. My Dad worked in Duncans chocolate facory and me mammy worked in Massies at Newington as a shop assistant. My sister and I attended St. Davids primary school. Although we were in St. Margaret MAry's parish we went up to the cowgate to attend mass at St. Pats.
We were a happy wee family till my dad died at the very young age of 46 of a heart attack.
My Mum, sister & I moved back to me mammies parents house in Nicolson St. the house of my birth. Eventually life returned to normalish, although ma ma never quiet got over the death of my dad, nor did she ever look at another man, even thou she was widowed at the tender age of 35.
I had a happy childhood, and except for the usual family deaths ( grandparents, aunts etc ) we had a great deal of fun and happiness in our family home.
I attended, St. Anns & St Pats primary school and then went on to attend Holy Cross Academy in Ferry Road. On leaving 'The Cross' I joined the I.T. section of the Bank of Scotland and worked there in many different jobs till i took early retirement at the ripe old age of 50 and then i worked with my better half to assist in the running of our guest house.
I never really amounted to much at school, but i did make some great pals, a few of which i still have to this day. Lots of my other pals came from my time in the scouts, both as a boy and a leader. I have very fond memories of my time with kids my own age, and then hopefully helping the younger generations to enjoy the outdoors.
I spent some time playing guitar in various folk clubs and bars and also spent a few years playing the guitar for St. Pats choir, assisting Tony Hughes and Susan Barrie (nee duffy ) who had the musical talent and the patience to accept my musical limitations.
I never really amounted to much at 'the Bank'. I was a pretty reasonable techy but had very little patience with some of the arsehole management that took control now and again, and i also had a real problem with office politics. Needless to say when staff department ( the ones who used to hand out pens and workout overtime ) became 'Human Resources' and took over the universe with no working knowledge of anything except what their degrees gave them, i knew i couldnt last working for anyone who followed that path and I became retired, and now work at the guest house as the odd job man.
the hours are long and the pay is crap but its the best job in the world.
Although i never amounted to anything at school, nor did too much with my career i did excell with friends, family and spouse.
Most of my friends i have had for over 40 years, though school, scouts and music. I can happily say I have the best set of friends anyone could ever ask for and if any of them ever read this i thank them for sharing some of their time with me.
My family have been a constant source of joy ( sometimes anger, frustration, despair etc ) but always joy. i hope i didnt disappoint any of my nearest and dearest.
I managed to avoid getting married ( for a multitude of different reasons ) until i was nearly 34. I had a happy childhood and as a young and not so young adult i had a great time ( the 60s and 70s were 'fabulous darling' ) and had a huge fear of settling down.
However on 28th aug 1982 (28882 its s whatchamacallit ) i married Susan Purves ( quickly named after the h.rider.haggard character 'She who must be obeyed' ) and my life changed gear and spead on by faster than should be legal. We have 3 great weans, Dominic, Ben and Mhairi who are a constant joy ( see above for other emotions ) and fill my life with wonder and happiness ( worry and fear etc too ).
My wife has saved my life in so many ways i cant begin to explain, suffice to say that she makes me complete ( and fat cos she's no a bad cook, and poor cos she like spending money ). Anyway why have a webpage if you cant rant a wee bit and i'm fairly sure no one will ever read this.
Our guest house is the Sherwood on Minto Street and the website can be viewed here. I hate to miss an opportunity for a plug

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