Edinburgh Folk

A site for the people of Edinburgh

This site will hopefully be used by the Edinburgh-folk to contact old acquaintances from school days, to swap email addresses with those who have moved away from Edinburgh but still love the place, to announce birthdays, to have a place on the web to put photos of their newborn children, in fact a vehicle for the people of Edinburgh to share their happy times.
This site will was originally on www.edinburgh-folk.co.uk but unfortunately there was not enough happening to warrant maintaining another site.
We will try to add to it as time allows.

School Days
Click here to see which schools' and years' photos we have online
Famous Folk
Click here for some of Edinburgh's famous sons & daughters
Celebrate your birthday or suprise your friends with an online page
Announce your newborn to the world
Announce your reunions or events here.

The parts in red are a chargeable service and the others are free. .
If you have any information that you think would be pertinent to any part of this site please let me know. If it is for any of the service parts ( ie schools, famous folk, reunions and links) you will be credited with providing the information.

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